If you think it's time for a synthetic oil change, give Grubbs Volvo Cars in Grapevine a call! We do more than just Volvo oil changes here, too. Our pre-owned department has lots of exciting off brands, and we love to service those vehicles as well. So whether you've got one of our beautiful Volvo vehicles or another brand that you're behind the wheel of, you can count on us for fast, quality synthetic oil change service, with the OEM parts and materials needed to keep your vehicle running its best.

How Do I Know I Need a Synthetic Oil Change Service?

It's always best to check your owner's manual for their recommended oil change service intervals. Did you know that depending on weather conditions, driving style, and load-carrying habits, your oil might require more frequent replacement? Oil can wear faster if you're tougher on your engine, and it's imperative that you maintain proper lubrication for the life of your vehicle. Why? Without proper lubrication, you can experience:

  • Accelerated component wear
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Higher operating temperatures
  • Oil pressure problems
  • Severe engine damage

But isn't oil, oil? Nope. You truly get what you pay for in this case. When you use poor quality materials from the corner-lube facility, you open yourself up to a pretty serious liability. Did you know that those facilities profit from using low-grade materials? In order to provide such apparently low prices, they use cheaply made and cheaply refined materials. The filters can fail, and the oils can break down and leave deposits. Not only can this lead to serious mechanical failure, but the cost of those repairs is also passed on to you. Even if your vehicle is within its warranty period, breakdowns resulting from improper maintenance can void your warranty. So the few bucks you thought you might be saving can actually backfire in a big way. Don't let that happen to you, and yes, we've seen this happen!

Grubbs Has Oil Change Coupons and Service Specials for You

We know that price is a factor. And even though we offer parts coupons and service specials for your synthetic oil change, we don't cut corners. You can come in and see the parts that our certified technicians use right off the shelf. And while you're in for a synthetic oil change, let us know if you'd like anything else checked out on your vehicle. Our multi-point inspections are one of the best ways to catch problems before they start and ensure reliability. We check your brakes, wipers, filters, body lubrication points, driveline components, gaskets and seals, electrical controls, wheels, tires, alignments, and more. This comprehensive inspection is done while you wait, and anything that jumps out as a concern will be brought to your attention. Our oil changes in Grapevine, TX, are just one of the ways that we care for our customers. Did you know that we have plenty of charitable activities that go right back into our community right here in Grapevine, TX? We believe that giving back is the only real way forward, and when you have your vehicle serviced by Grubbs, you are helping us continue on our mission to make the Lone Star State the best possible place to live for all Texans!