Volvo S90 Recharge Hybrid For Sale In Texas

Take the Volvo S90 hybrid out for a test drive and then go try on a rival luxury hybrid somewhere else - we dare you. First off, good luck locating such a wondrous otherworldly breakthrough of high-class style and clean, pure power. Secondly, we doubt if you follow through you'll receive the customer experience we offer to our neighbors in the Dallas Fort Worth area. After all, the Grubbs family has ingrained themselves into the local community through a tried-and-true commitment to service above all else and selection that's second to none.

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Grubbs Automotive has sold over 200,000 vehicles in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas to an amazing array of drivers we all consider family. From the first time you pay us a visit, you'll understand that our do-it-all car and car care center is catered to you. We make our moves with the best interests of our fellow drivers near Dallas and would never recommend a car that doesn't suit them and conquering their busy schedule.

Generations of Texans have exited our lot with a gleeful grin that only comes with a new car for decades. If you're interested in a car that captures the highlights of luxury while powering towards a future less reliant on fossil fuels, we have a particular eye-popping sedan that will look great in your garage. Take in each and every trim level of the Volvo S90 Recharge at our Grapevine location. We've got more colors, customizable interior materials, and available accessories than your favorite smoothie place has fruits.

Volvo S90 Hybrid in Texas

You can make your mark with a flourish on each drive in the Volvo S90 hybrid for sale. The Volvo S90 hybrid seats five passengers inside a roomy cabin clothed in Nappa leather seats that feel like a warm blanket's hug or the deep spot in the couch where even the dog likes to plop down. Pure electric range allows you to move around your neighborhood without harmful emissions making their mark on your local air. The Volvo S90 hybrid has up to 21 miles of pure electric range1 that you can start every morning with via a home charger and a suite of advanced driver-assistance features finishes off a cabin full of useful, well-layered and located technology accessories.

As far as sedans are concerned, you'll have a tough time finding a worthy opponent that also has LED headlights with active bending lights, striking 19-inch wheels with black accents that evoke the swift stroke of midnight, and an advanced clean air system. Nobody approaches the entire driving and riding experience with more attention to detail than the amazing team of Volvo Cars designers, engineers, technicians, and passionate car lovers. That's why the Volvo S90 hybrid is the sedan that can.

If you're interested in a larger model that still fits in spaces similar to sedans, consider the Volvo XC40 pure electric. It has an impressive all-electric range as well.

To take it to the top level of hybrid excellence, browse our selection of the Volvo XC90 Recharge for sale. These bruising behemoths can tow or take on a lot but don't contribute to a heavier carbon footprint. They'll help you breeze past the tank and love going to the bank. Gone are the days of being beholden to the grip of gasoline.

Texans Serving Texans

At our dealership and car care center in Grapevine, you won't find a boisterous set of sales staff throwing numbers in your face and foisting a set of "specials" on you as soon as you enter the lot. When you come through our doors, you'll receive the same person-to-person relationship we've developed with our neighbors for over fifty years. Integrity and honesty have served us well since our doors first opened long ago and we feel that they'll help us for many more moons to come.

1For more information, please visit the official US government source for all fuel economy at