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If you're ready to step out and take on some two-lanes in a vehicle that's going to be the envy of others, then the S60 might just be for you. Hailed by many automotive journalists as the perfect blend of luxury and performance, we invite you to explore our lineup and decide for yourself! Packed with advanced safety features and luxury to spare, the S60 is going to be love at first sight.

The S60 Offers You Luxurious Sport-Performance In Four Unique Ways

The S60 is well-suited for driving around here. Comfortable on a long-haul and agile enough to make light-to-light driving around town a thrill, the S60 is ready to help you take on Texas efficiently, distinctively, and luxuriously. The four trims available are:

  • The Momentum
  • R-Design
  • Inscription
  • Polestar Engineered

With a determined 0-60 and dynamic chassis, the Momentum springs off the line with essential ADAS features, premium infotainment, and sensational audio. Choose from beautiful interior and exterior colors to make your S60 truly your own. Need just a little more of a sport-inspired look? Then the R-Design is right up your alley. The R-Design gives you an appearance package that is all its own, including premium leather and upgraded Harmon Kardon audio. If you lean more towards the luxury side of things, then the Inscription awaits you with premium colors, exclusive model-only leather seating, premium wheels, and more. For those looking to live life on the edge, we invite you to experience the Polestar Engineered S60 with a specialized chassis, distinctive badging, race-inspired brakes, enhanced luxury, and an exhilarating 400HP plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Powertrain Options To Suit Every Driver & Situation

All S60 variants are designed to perform. The next question is, which version suits your driving style best? Each S60 has an optimized chassis system that distributes weight in such a way to maximize comfort and deliver precise steering. Here's a look at the powertrain options available to you:

  • A 250HP T5 Turbocharged motor
  • A 316HP T6 Twin-induction motor
  • A 400HP T8 PHEV motor
  • A 415HP T8 Polestar Engineered PHEV

The S60 favors FWD, but AWD is available. You'll also see eAWD on the T8 and Polestar thanks to the twin electric drive at each axle. You'll also find various driving modes that help you tailor the performance to suit your requirements. Additionally, there's an agile 8-speed automatic transmission that shifts quickly, and effortlessly, when you're on the go while being able to deliver maximum comfort at cruising speeds.

Pure Volvo. Your Safety Comes Standard

When you select your perfect S60, you can slide behind the wheel, knowing that you are getting the latest advanced safety features. As standard. Across the model range. You will enjoy features like remote starting, climate control, and vehicle tracking all from your smartphone. Other standard essentials include Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, Forward Collision Warning, Automated Braking, Lane Departure Warning, and Lane Keep Assist. If you are looking for absolutely everything Volvo has to offer, you can add on an available heads-up display, 360 camera system, ambient lighting, massage front seating, and adaptive cruise. With so much to love inside any S60, it begs the question, would you ever want to get out?

How reliable is the Volvo S60?

A vehicle's overall reliability will always depend greatly on the regular maintenance and service you give it. That being said, the 2021 Volvo S60 earns a great score for predicted reliability. Specifically, given a score of 78 out of 100, you can drive your S60 in confidence knowing she ranks as a top player in the luxury sports sedan class in terms of reliability.

How long will a Volvo S60 last?

Like reliability as a whole, how long a vehicle lasts will depend on the maintenance and service you give it. With the proper manufacturer-recommended care, most of the Volvo Cars lineup, including the S60, has an average lifespan of 20 years and over 200,000 miles. Fun fact: a Volvo vehicle - a 1966 Volvo 1800S, specifically - holds the world record for highest vehicle mileage, with over three million miles driven.

Grubbs Has The S60 Cars For Sale With An Experience To Match

We can't wait for you to explore our new car inventory of these beautiful vehicles. As popular as they are, you'll feel like the first one on the block to have one. They are head-turners and conversation-starters, so be prepared to make some new friends! As soon as you settle on a favorite, make sure to contact one of our S60 sales specialists to assist you. Our finance department has many services available to enhance your ownership experience, so be sure to ask! The road is calling. Your S60 with you behind the wheel is going to be one heck of a way to answer it. We'll see you soon!

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We'd like to thank you for choosing a new Volvo S60 sedan with us. At Grubbs Volvo Cars Grapevine, we hope that the experience of driving this car home was as enjoyable as possible and that you love all the features that she offers.

We tailor our dealership experience to your wants and needs by listening carefully to customer feedback. We want to hear your thoughts on both your new Volvo S60 and the experience at our dealership. If someone on our team made it an exceptional time, let us know in your review. Likewise, if there's a specific something that you'd like to see improved upon, we want to know so that we can make our dealership experience the best one possible.

"The service advisor David Mullins was absolutely outstanding. He got me in on a busy Saturday without an appointment to give my car a badly needed realignment for my 2018 S60. He set great expectations that I would get my car back either today or Monday and the rest of the service team delivered by having my car fixed and ready in a few hours. The price was also great, other Volvo dealerships I checked were charging about $180 plus tax for a re alignment. This is the first time I had my Volvo serviced since I got the car in March but by far the BEST experience I've had working with a service advisor I've ever had. I will definitely be looking to have my car's future service needs done at Grubbs Volvo in the future based on this experience." 5 stars, review by Dave Rambo

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