If You Build It They Will Come To Grubbs Volvo Cars

Grubbs Volvo Cars construction

If you live in Grapevine, TX, you may have noticed a small renovation project going on off the interstate at Grubbs Volvo Cars. We’re not just upgrading our look for the sake of vanity. We’re creating a better environment for you to experience the highest level of satisfaction from sales to service and beyond. Scroll a bit more to see what’s waiting for you at our new facility near Dallas.

What’s So Special About the New Facility?

The first thing you’ll notice about our new showroom is that it will be clean and open. The sales floor will fill with ambient light, so you can easily view the latest models from outside the facility or while inside. You’ll also find that the walls & decor will showcase the latest renderings and materials found inside our beautiful vehicles.

You’ll wait in style at our inviting hospitality center, where you’ll also have a clear view of the service department’s activities and the latest accessories at our parts center. The usual conveniences will be available to those who need to work remotely while they wait. Everyone can expect to find wonderful refreshments to make their time spent here that much more enjoyable.

At present, we’ve finalized our blueprints for the new Volvo Sales and Service Dealership. Once this project has reached completion, we invite you to take the trip to see us from all points in Dallas Fort Worth, and beyond. Grubbs Volvo Cars is known for its service, community, and integrity. Stay tuned for additional updates!