There could be many reasons why you're looking to come into Grubbs Volvo Cars in Grapevine, TX for brake service. No matter which reason drives you to come see us, one thing will remain the same: quality brake service done right, right here at Grubbs in Grapevine. Scroll below to learn a little more about common brake problems and how we can help get you going with peace of mind.

How Do I Know I Need Brake Repair Service?

There can be a few key symptoms that indicate it's time for brake service. Some of these symptoms could have been building slowly over time, and a few of these issues may have come on suddenly. Let us help you if you've recently experienced things like:

  • Sudden loss of pressure at the pedal (or extended brake pedal travel)
  • Vibrations at the steering wheel (typically from high to low speed, i.e., when exiting a freeway)
  • Excessive brake dust with "shiny" looking deposits
  • Your ABS, TC, or DSC lights have illuminated
  • Your Brake light or Park light has illuminated
  • You can hear the grinding of metal when applying the brakes
  • Your brake pedal flutters or vibrates when you press it
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side under brake application
  • You can smell something metallic or acrid after frequent use

Any of these symptoms can indicate hydraulic faults, electrical faults, or mechanical faults. If you feel that your vehicle might not be safe to drive, please contact roadside assistance or your roadside provider for a tow to our brake service facility.

Grubbs Offers Quality Brake Replacement in Grapevine, TX

Pads are not just pads. Rotors are not just rotors. Sensors are not just sensors. Anymore. Your vehicle left the factory, and then the showroom, with premium parts designed to operate under arduous conditions. When you grab aftermarket parts from the corner store, you open yourself to major safety risks that stem from poor manufacturing and poor quality materials. Isn't your family's safety worth it? Today's sophisticated vehicles require expert care and OEM parts to get the job done right, especially when you consider the fact that hybrid vehicles have energy capture technology that comes directly from your braking system. Correct operation means safe operation, and in almost all cases, improper service may void your new car warranty! So be sure to use our brake pad service coupons and service specials to streamline your experience here. We have an extensive parts inventory, and the vast majority of your needed equipment is available right on the shelf! Get it done right. Get it done at Grubbs.