Battery replacement isn't what it used to be. If you've been doing your research and wondering how you might handle battery replacement on your own, you've likely run into some pretty goofy stories about what can happen to people handling battery replacement in parking lots, driveways, and so on. The truth is, modern cars are more power-hungry than ever, and while there are backup systems in place, it's not uncommon to see people locked out of their vehicles and unable to start them once they've put in a new battery. The following article shares a little insight as to why this is and how our battery repair facility can help you get going again, without the headaches!

Common Symptoms and Issues Indicating the Need for Battery Replacement

The most classic symptom that indicates the need for battery replacement is your vehicle not starting when you try to start it. More times than not, changing your battery will solve the issue. But what if it doesn't? Have you experienced:

  • Weird electrical problems
  • Running issues like an engine stumble or transmission issue
  • Clicks from the engine when you try to start
  • Dim or flickering headlights at night

Your battery could be telling you something. Our sophisticated battery testing equipment will also monitor the health of your battery's system, known as the charging and starting system. This system consists of your alternator, starter, ignition, and battery. While it's true that your battery provides power to your car to start, your alternator is responsible for maintaining running voltage to your vehicle and charging your battery. Nowadays, today's alternators are all high-output, meaning that they get really hot, and some of them are even water-cooled in line with your engine. Typically, if your vehicle is new enough to have stop/start technology, you can bet on your alternator and starter being combined into one unit.


Not to mention the fact that today's high-energy batteries have different core compositions, which makes it essential to refit the correct unit. Today's advanced vehicles have over 50 unique computers that control everything from AC to windows, fuel delivery, braking, and more. In fact, your late model vehicle has more computer technology than the original spaceship. Make sure it has the power it needs!

Battery Replacement in Grapevine, TX, With Grubbs Volvo Cars


If you live in Grapevine, TX, you've got to get to Grubbs! We've been serving the community for over 70 years, and during that time, we've learned a thing or two about giving you the most value possible. First, it starts with our customer-focused policy of listening to your needs. From there, we can provide you options. We're here to help you implement the best solution to suit your needs, whether it's a battery replacement, an oil change, or even a new vehicle (and we've got some pretty great pre-owned cars, too). You'll experience a difference in how you're treated here. You'll find that our service is friendly, knowledgeable, transparent, and prompt. It will recharge your batteries with respect to how you feel about serving your battery (Yup. Pun definitely intended). Contact us today using our convenient service scheduling form, by phone, or through your Volvo Valet app!