Turning your AC on and nothing happens? Got weird smells coming out of your vents? Do your climate zones have different temperatures when they should be cold? It might be time for air conditioning service! Luckily, Grubbs Volvo Cars in Grapevine has a state-of-the-art repair facility where we can diagnose and repair AC system issues fast. The following article offers some insight into common problems and solutions so that you can make the most informed decision for your air conditioning service needs.

Your AC System Declassified

Car A/C repair is easier than you might think. Lots of auto A/C service facilities will throw a lot of jargon at you in an attempt to overwhelm you… so they can overcharge you. At its simplest, your car's cooling system works when there is a pressure change from high pressure to low pressure. Have you ever held an aerosol can and discharged it all at once? What happens? The surface of the can cools down quickly and results in water drops forming on the can (not to mention your hand getting cold). That's because the can is filled with compressed air of some kind, known as being under pressure, and releasing that pressure creates a type of thermal reaction that cools the surface of the container.

In essence, your AC system uses a fan to blow that cooled surface air through the vents of your car while recirculating those gases which causes the cooling effect. Fast-forward to today's modern systems and you have electronic controls, servos, solenoids, telematic operations, and more, that can complicate system operations. Common issues with today's complex systems include:

  • Non-operational blower fans
  • Improper zone temperatures
  • Condensation leaks from water run-off inside your vehicle
  • Mold/Mildew smells inside the cabin
  • Incorrect zone selection/temperature functions
  • Excessive engine-bay noises

Our air conditioning service specialists have the right tools and equipment to diagnose your system's issue correctly the first time, so you can have a reliable cabin-cooling experience every time. Common causes for the above systems can be anything from leaks, damaged hoses, clogged passageways, obstructed external air-flow, internal component damage, sensor damage, switch malfunction, solenoid malfunction, servo malfunction, blocked filtration, and corrosion.

Grubbs Air Conditioning Repair in Grapevine, TX

You may have heard it through the grapevine, but Grubbs has been serving Texas with their automotive needs for nearly 70-years. Since the beginning, we've always felt that anyone can sell a car and sell service work; but it takes something else entirely to meet someone's needs. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all solution for our customers. Everyone's needs are different, everyone's vehicles are different, and everyone's scenario is different. When you come to our Grubbs air conditioning service department, we'll take the time necessary to listen to your situation, present options, and the correct path forward. Don't forget to ask about our latest service specials and parts coupons! Grubbs in Grapevine makes service personal.