Volvo Hybrid & Electric SUVs In Grapevine, TX

Doesn't it seem like EVs and Hybrids for sale have come out of the woodwork? Well, you're not alone in that assessment. So many of our customers in Grapevine are impressed by the fact that nearly all of their favorite Volvo models come in the form of an optional Hybrid. But what does that mean exactly? What makes a hybrid different? What is ownership like? Check out our Volvo XC90 Hybrid SUVs and scroll below to learn a little more about the differences between conventional gas engines, Hybrid engines, and EVs from Volvo Cars.

What's in a Name? Let's Boost Your EV-Vocab.

When crossing over from a pure, fossil-fuel vehicle into any of our Volvo PHEV vehicles, there might be some hesitancy because all of the new jargon can be a lot to grasp. Like PHEV, for instance. What does that mean? In this section, we'll go over some common terminology to help you with your shopping at Grubbs Volvo Cars in Grapevine.

  • PHEV - This is an acronym for Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle (e.g., Plug-In Hybrid SUVs) and pronounced "pea-hev." The "plug-in" aspect of this nameplate refers to the additional charging capabilities offered by the level-2 charging plug on the vehicle. This level-2 charging plug accommodates conventional wall charging, AC charging, and DC charging.

  • Wall/AC/DC Charging - These charge types refer to the power source that charges any of our luxury Hybrid SUVs, cars, and wagons. In terms of charge times, wall charging (like the outlets found at home) is standard speed while AC charging is faster, and DC charging is the fastest. All cables are supplied with your purchase or lease.

  • Charge Station - You'll love the priority parking offered at nearly all locations where charge stations are found near Dallas. With a national network of nearly 100K charge stations and growing, additional power is never far from hand. Some shopping centers offer free charging as an incentive, while local charge rates may apply.

  • Regenerative Braking - This is an onboard system on all of our cars, wagons, and Hybrid SUVs for sale. "Re-gen" (for short) captures kinetic energy from the braking system and converts it into energy that charges the lithium-ion battery.

  • MPGe - Like miles-per-gallon, the little "e" refers to the added range and efficiency your vehicle has thanks to the added boost of pure electric power. In other words, if a vehicle got 25mpg on conventional fuel, and its pure electric range was rated to 15 miles, the MPGe would be 40MPGe.

All of our Volvo Hybrids for sale share the above characteristics. Your new vocabulary can be further enhanced by understanding how Volvo Hybrid vehicles actually work.

It Takes Two (Engines) To Tango

As the name "Hybrid" may suggest, our Volvo Hybrids for sale are equipped with a conventional gas engine and two electric engines found at each axle. The operation is intelligent, and you needn't do anything to achieve maximum efficiency. Any of our Volvo Hybrid cars, Volvo Hybrid wagons, or Volvo Hybrid SUVs for sale are tuned from the factory to perform efficiently under a variety of conditions. All PHEV models will see a rated 400HP or more in addition to having about 20 miles of pure electric driving, depending on your chosen model.

If desired, you can hit the "Pure" button, accessible through the Sensus touchscreen, or via your three buttons on the center stack (Pure, Hybrid, Power). Should you deplete all available EV energy, your gas engine will resume control of your vehicle without you doing anything. Regenerative braking will resume its function to charge your battery, but charging at a charge station is always recommended for the fastest charge.

Grubbs Volvo Cars in Grapevine Cares About Tomorrow

If you live near Dallas, or anywhere in Central Texas for that matter, shopping with us allows us to continue on our mission to make Texas a great place to live. Each year, we have targeted efforts that improve the quality of life for families, the terminally ill, and those experiencing hunger & food insecurity. When you lease or purchase one of our electric SUVs for sale (such as the dynamic new Volvo XC40 electric SUV), you're not just contributing to the bigger picture by reducing greenhouse gasses - you're making a difference right here at home. Driving any of our Volvo Hybrids for sale usually goes hand in hand with greater human awareness. And that's what we're all about here at Grubbs Volvo Cars. In fact, our founder Hubert Grubbs opened our first automotive retail location adjacent to his grocery store near Dallas, over 70 years ago. You could say that our passion for nourishing people and sating their desire for stunning transportation has always been our vision. What's yours?